Reclosable Zipper

Most cost effective way to reclose the packaging in the market

It can installed to our Stand Up Pouch, Square Bottom Pouch and 3 Side Sealed Pouch.

100% Compostable optional.

Reclosable Front Zipper

It is more convenient to open the packaging, as the zipper is installed on the front panel of the bag

It is suitable for the packaging need to maximise the width to withdraw the product from the bag.

This can be installed to all kind of packaging type.

Reclosable- Tin Tie

Roll and hold by blending the tie inwards. It is not air tight but providing a special way to reclose the bag in a nice way.

This can be installed on all kind of packaging type

Press to Unlock Reclosure

This Lockable slider has two parts and required a hard press in order to unlock. It is usually used in tobacco packaging.

It can be installed to 3 Side Seal and Stand Up pouch.

Press to Slide Reclosure

This Slider has a opener, while press and slide it can open the bag. Additional step to open can prevent child to mis use of this packaging.

3 Side Sealed and Stand Up Pouch can install this feature.

Sticky Label Reclosure

Similar to tin tie, but it is roll and apply the restickable sticker on it to serve as reclosable function.

100% Compostable optional.


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